Frequently asked questionsΒΆ

You can easily find answers to commonly asked questions about Dell EMC Ansible modules and roles.

Which version of Ansible supports Dell EMC Ansible modules?

Ansible 2.2 and later.

What are the minimum OS versions for Ansible support?

OS version 6.3.1 and above; OS version and above; OS version 10.2 and later.

What do the Dell EMC Ansible roles provide?

The roles are a package of multiple Dell EMC OS features which are provided for easy installation, configuration, and packaging. They currently contain configuration for system, interface, VLAN, LAG, BGP, and xSTP.

Do Dell EMC Ansible roles work with Ansible Tower?

Yes, these roles work with Ansible Tower for management.

Is there dnosX_template module support for OS6/OS9/OS10?

No. Ansible has deprecated support for the template module, replacing it with the config module (see Deprecations).