Use Ansible to perform ZTD on devices running Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10

This example describes how to use Ansible to perform zero-touch deployment (ZTP). It installs or upgrades a software image on a device running Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10.

The example playbook uses the dellos-image-upgrade role to upgrade or install a SmartFabric OS10 image on a specified switch, followed by a dellos-copy-config role to push configurations post installation on the device.

Before using Ansible to install the software image, you must download the software image via FTP/TFTP/SCP/HTTPDS, then specify the path to the image in the playbook.


Step 1 ? Set up AWX

  • Download AWX 4.0.0 release, make sure you have latest ansible version and Install AWX

    ansible-galaxy install -r dellemc_roles.txt
    apt-add-repository --yes --update ppa:ansible/ansible
    apt install ansible -y
    apt install
    apt install python-pip -y
    pip install docker
    pip install docker-compose
    wget # Download the zip file
    unzip # unzip the downloaded file

    Open installer/inventory file and change Docker parameters.

    postgres_data_dir=/var/lib/pgdocker # change from /tmp to /var/lib
    docker_compose_dir=/var/lib/awxcompose # change from /tmp to /var/lib

    Under installer folder, run the install.yml command.

    cd installer
    ansible-playbook -i inventory install.yml -vvv
  • Launch AWX in browser

  • Go to Projects and create AWX project (name, description, and scm type)

  • Create playbook in project directory

  • Go to Inventories and create inventory and Hostkey

  • Go to template and create job template

Step 2 ? Add curl script to contact an Ansible server

  • Go to ztd-provision-url(http://X.X.X.X/ defined in the DHCP server configuration, and include the curl command to the ztd script.

    e.g /usr/bin/curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -k -X POST --data '{"host_config_key":"'7d07e79ebdc8f7c292e495daac0fe16b'"}' -u username:password https://X.X.X.X/api/v2/job_templates/xxx/callback/

Step 3 ? Run ZTD from the SmartFabric OS10 device

  • Run the ZTD by rebooting the switch. Enter the reload ztd command.

    OS10# reload ztd

Example playbook

The dellos-image-upgrade role uses the dellos10_command to install or upgrade the switch, and wait_for is used to identify the progress of the upgrade operation. The dellos-copy-config role uses the dellos10_config module to push configurations to the device.

Sample hosts file

ztdswitch ansible_host= <ip_address>

Sample host_vars for Dell-Networking.dellos-image-upgrade

hostname: ztdswitch
ansible_become: yes
ansible_become_method: xxxxx
ansible_become_pass: xxxxx
ansible_ssh_user: xxxxx
ansible_ssh_pass: xxxxx
ansible_network_os: dellos10
  operation_type: install
  software_image_url: tftp://X.X.X.X/PKGS_OS10-Enterprise-10.2.9999E.5790-installer-x86_64.bin
  software_version: 10.2.9999E

Simple playbook to setup ZTD

- hosts: ztdswitch
  connection: network_cli
     - Dell-Networking.dellos-image-upgrade
     - Dell-Networking.dellos-copy-config