Install or upgrade devices running Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 using Ansible

This example explains how to use Ansible to install or upgrade the software image on a device running Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10. The example playbook uses the dellos-image-upgrade role to upgrade or install a SmartFabric OS10 image on a specified switch.

Before using Ansible to install the software image, you must download the software image via FTP/TFTP/SCP/HTTPS, then specify the path to the image in the playbook. The dellos-image-upgrade role uses dellos10_command to install or upgrade the switch, and wait_for is used to identify the progress of the upgrade operation. Validation of the upgrade operation is handled using the dellos10_facts module.

Creating simple Ansible playbook

Step 1

Create an inventory file called inventory.yaml, then specify the device IP address.

spine1 ansible_host=



Step 2

Create a host variable file called host_vars/spine1.yaml, then define the host, credentials, and transport:

hostname: spine1
ansible_ssh_user: xxxxx
ansible_ssh_pass: xxxxx
ansible_network_os: dellos10

    operation_type: install
    software_image_url: tftp://
    software_version: 10.2.9999E

Step 3

Create a playbook called datacenter.yaml.

- hosts: datacenter
  gather_facts: no
        - Dell-Networking.dellos-image-upgrade

Step 4

Run the playbook.

ansible-playbook -i inventory.yaml datacenter.yaml